Without financial literacy, the credit card seems to be free money, buying a car seems to be an asset and Fixed deposit seems to be an investment. The outcome of learning money management skills in schools is that the school going students become more careful of maintaining their things and less demanding of their parents about gadgets and stuff. The college going students are more likely to stay out of debt and avoid maxing out credit cards. They will deal better with the resources in hand. They will grow into young adults who can achieve financial security and success.

1) This training helps the student to ...

  • 1. Increase his/her Knowledge about various concepts of money.
  • 2. Form an Attitude towards using and spending money wisely.
  • 3. Develop the Skills of performing & recording money transactions systematically.
  • 4. Inculcate right Habits of saving and investing money at the right age.

2) Schools have selected this curriculum because ....

  • 1. It aligns with their need of providing holistic curriculum, thus improving the Quality of education.
  • 2. It improves the Satisfaction of parents, as the students are trained on content beyond commitment.
  • 3. It illustrates the Innovativeness quotient of the school management in trying good things earlier.

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