The curriculum grows from personal finance, to family finance to small business/ entrepreneurship concepts. Students are introduced to age appropriate concepts and systems of money. The students begin with learning basics of saving money and investing as a way of life. Students explore sources of income, create spending plans, monitor budgets, differentiate between assets and liabilities.

The Money Matters curriculum is based on the following 5 pillars:
Earning money, Saving money, Spending money, Using money, and Money systems.

A) Earning money:

  • 1. Salaries.
  • 2. Working part time.
  • 3. Starting a business.

B) Saving money:

  • 1. Pocket money.
  • 2. Family piggy bank.
  • 3. Banking instruments.

C) Spending money:

  • 1. Price of things around us.
  • 2. Branded & Non branded.
  • 3. Taking an invoice.

D) Using money:

  • 1. Mine, yours and ours.
  • 2. Personal & Family needs and desires.
  • 3. Planning money for future needs.

E) Money systems:

  • 1. Barter system.
  • 2. Banking system & Paying digitally.
  • 3. Rules, fines & Penalties.

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