Even schools in India have started recognizing the benefits of financial literacy for their students. Some of them started with workshops for teachers on personal finance. Some have started with a stand-alone personal finance course for high school students. Some have understood the benefits of including money matters in their curriculum. One period is assigned for money matters curriculum weekly.

1) 30 sessions of 30 minutes for each level:

The curriculum has 6 Levels, each level has 900 minutes of training. Each Level requires 15 hours of classroom time i.e. Around 30 periods of 30 minutes each. Each level has 7 chapters each.

2) Workbooks with pre, post & in Class work:

Each chapter has three parts: Pre-class work, In-class work and Post-class work. Each chapter requires work to be done in the workbook and has individual and team activities. The pre and the post work is to be done under the supervision of parents/ guardian. Every chapter has an objective assessment at the end of the chapter.

3) Trained & certified trainers:

The facilitators of this program are trained on conducting flipped classroom methodology and cooperative learning strategies in class. They are trained to create opportunities for providing Higher Order Thinking and Self Learning/ exploring. We train them on using Whole brain principles & constructivist approach. To ensure proper quality in delivering the curriculum, we use facilitators trained and certified by our quality department.

4) E-learning and Online Support:

Students will get an access to pre-read content and can appear for their assessment through an app on their phones or tabs. After every level students will go through an online centralized assessment and will get a certificate on successful clearing of assessment.

We provide them with trained and certified trainers and workbooks for each student. The teachers facilitate learning in the class. The students with the help of their parents work on mini projects and applications on every concept. Online and offline assessments helps understand the development of the child.

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